Careers Assistance

Careers - How Can I Help Myself?

There are a number of places where you can get information about Careers.
Number one is always checking out ideas with the Careers Adviser.
You can of course look for information yourself. 

Here are some recommended websites which may help:

Career Services

Making the right decisions about jobs, training and careers can be difficult. Career Services can help you and your family make sense of the huge amount of information available to you. Career Services is the government agency that provides free and independent information and advice about jobs, courses, training and careers. The Career Services website has information on over 5000 study and training options, with information on funding and scholarships. There are 670 job profiles, interviews with people doing the job, salary ranges, skills and qualifications needed and workplace demand.

Many recent international studies have shown that parents and caregivers are the single biggest influence on a young person's career decisions.
Follow this link to find suggestions about how to support your child:

Leaving School? 
Look at some helpful career tips before making that decision. For all those 'what if' questions, take time to seek the answers.

Careers NZ Interactive Tools
Careers NZ have useful tools to assist you with your career decision making.  Go to and check them out.

Studytime link:

Other helpful sites: 

School Connect

My Future

Show My Pathway


The Skills Organisation

Just the Job Career Videos

Occupational Outlook

Personality Test (Based on the Myers Briggs Model)

StudySpy (Find the perfect course for you)

Career Information Links:

Agriculture -                     

Electricity -          

Electrotechnology Apprenticeships -

Event Management -

Food Technology / Food Science -

Forest and Wood Industry -

Hairdressing -

Health Sector -

IT, Engineering, Science, Surveying and Food Technology -