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The Flower Pot

The creation of a pop-up shop, The Flower Pot was borne of the idea to provide as part of the Gateway programme, opportunities and real life experiences

for students beyond what ‘the classroom’ or the Gateway placement could provide. 

It will be hands-on learning with a high degree of responsibility and accountability but within a well-supported and managed framework. 

Students will gain valuable transferable skills and experience that will assist them in whatever career path they pursue.

How does it work?

 There are different ways a student can participate in the FlowerPot External Gateway Programme. The scheme at WGC is designed to be flexible and to meet the needs of the student and the school as much as possible. 

The FlowerPot External Gateway programme :
  • Students identify an area they wish to specialize in or choose to be a FlowerPot assistant
  • Students are assigned tasks and responsibilities after discussing their interests with us
  • Students meet with Ms Allen regularly at least one period each week during their study or during morning tea / lunchtime
  • Students must attend Workplace Health & Safety training  in order to be on this programme (External provider is paid by Gateway to run this course over two separate days)
  • FlowerPot will have two designated Pop Up shops  (Mothers Day & Fathers Day)
  • Students can opt to do both Pop Ups or choose one depending on their commitments
  • All credit achievement counts towards NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement)
  • Students will receive written reference at the end of their rotation

The External Gateway Application Process

 You register your interest be either contacting Ms Allen or Ms Caseley directly at the Careers Department.

 All students will then be asked to fill out an application form and will be required to fill this out within a set time frame.

From here the student will have an interview with the Gateway coordinator(s) where you will be assessed on your suitability and commitment to the programme i.e attendance, school reports and teacher’s recommendations. You will be asked several questions including:

  • Why do you want to be on the FlowerPot External Gateway programme?
  • What are your expectations?
  • What do you hope to achieve?
  • Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for this programme?                 
  • What can you offer?
  • What is your point of difference from others?

Applicants will need to demonstrate a high level of motivation, strong self-management skills and be actively involved in all opportunities open to them in order to make the most of this experience.

At the conclusion of this interview you will be told if you have been accepted on the External Gateway programme. 

Compulsory Unit Standards


These core generic Occupational Health and Safety units will be studied by all students, unless they have achieved them previously.

Unit Standard





Demonstrate knowledge of workplace Health & Safety




Apply safe work practices in the workplace




Demonstrate knowledge of hearing conversation in the workplace




Identify the causes of back injury and methods…




 Students will receive a GO SAFE card once completing this training


The FlowerPot primarily targeting students wanting to upskill / gain practical work experience within the school environment without impacting upon their core subjects and after school activities.

This year we had a variety of students:

  •  Commerce students wanting practical business experience
  • Multimedia student solely responsible for designing advertisement, posters, flyers
  • Student Leaders taking on management roles within the FlowerPot business
  • Creative students managing  and sourcing products for on behalf sales
  • Entrepreneurs designing and creating own products to sell in the pop up shop  
  • Y10 student took ownership and implemented Instagram page for FlowerPot
  • Students wanting Retail experience     
  • Customer Service experience

Skills gained by Gateway Students by being actively involved in the FlowerPot Pop Up Shop.

·        Communication

·     Teamwork

·     Problem resolution

·     Planning & goal setting

·     Time management

·     Ability to meet deadlines

·     Sales, marketing and promotion


·    Resolving disputes

·    Meeting management

·    Brainstorming

·    Responsibility


·    Public Speaking

·    Making connections

·    Networking /  Social Networking


·   Pricing and finance

·   Budgeting skills

·   Cash handling


·   Simple and efficient record keeping

·   Administration and using office equipment

·   Using IT effectively


·   Personal Productivity

·   Imagination –Inventiveness


·   Prepare an array of floral products

·   Condition and trim the flowers and foliage for keeping them fresh

·   Package and display giftware

·  Purchase stock

·  Stock control and inventory

·  Product and shop display



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