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New Zealand Institute of Sport

New Zealand Institute of Sports  - Sports, Fitness & Recreation (Level 2) & Coaching (Level 3)

Alongside our full-time Tertiary Courses NZIS are now running Gateway Courses for Sports, Fitness & Recreation  Level 2 and Sports coaching & Officiating Level 3. These courses are run as a fun holiday programme over one week of the school holidays and provide students with an introduction to the sports industry to determine if it’s the right career for them. 

The New Zealand Institute of Sport Gateway programme includes practical sessions, classroom sessions, work placement, guest speakers and fitness fun. Gateway allows your students to gain hands-on experience while continuing to study at school.

Contact Ms Allen or Ms Caseley in Careers if interested in doing this school holiday programme 

Sports, Fitness & Recreation - Unit Standard Level 2

21794 Demonstrate, instruct and monitor static stretching
21795 Demonstrate, instruct and monitor safe and correct used of cardiovascular exercise equipment
12349 Demonstrate time management
9677  Participate in a team or group which has an objective
27299 Describe benefits of participating in recreation in the local community
1304 Communicate with people from other cultures

Coaching - Unit standard Level 3

20673 Apply knowledge of injury management in physical activity
22771 Plan a beginner level coaching session for sport participants
21793 Demonstrate correct technique when using basic gym equipment
22768 Conduct and review a beginner level coaching session
26223 Apply sports rules and regulations while officiating in a competitive sports event

Level 3 Gateway Testimonials:

“I loved doing the Gateway programme, enough to give up a week of my holidays for it! My favourite part was the few days we spent doing various sports around town and even watching the Hurricanes train. I learnt a lot! I would recommend this experience for anyone that loves sport and being part of a family environment.”
Emily Thompson, Newlands College

“I really enjoyed this week of course. I really enjoyed getting experience in coaching and refereeing. I love all the teachers here and they helped me out really well. I’m hoping to come here next year to study. This week has been a great experience for me.”
Josh Crombie, Wellington High School