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An interactive, action packed two day course teaches students key skills and knowledge in relationship management, performance management, and workplace organisational principles required of first line managers. Made up of three level three standards, this course is module one of the National Certificate in First Line Management and is perfect for students wanting to become Team Leaders, supervisors, or charge hands likely to be responsible for managing people, resources, and/or work operations.
This course is also ideal for students that need to get out of their comfort zone and build confidence before leaving school.
11097 Listen to gain information in an interactive situation     L3 C3
1312 Give oral instructions in the workplace   L3 C3
9681 Contribute in a group/team which has an objective   L3 C3  

SECURITY COURSE                          
This exciting two day course is the perfect taster for students wanting to enter the Defence or Police force after school, or those who would like to work in the security industry. This is the required mandatory training for the security industry. Students will learn lifelong skills in conflict management and resolution, as well as earning 12 credits
27364 Demonstrate knowledge of the security industry in the pre-employment context L2 C4
27360 Demonstrate knowledge of managing conflict situations in a security context L2 C4
27361 Manage conflict situations in a security context L3 C4

National Certificate in Security Level 2

A two day workshop with both theory and practical elements this course introduces students to the hospitality world. Up skilling their knowledge of food and beverage operations and appropriate service in commercial environments,  students will prepare and serve hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks, prepare and clear areas for service and learn the values of customer service. An excellent course for anyone who wishes to join the hospitality workforce. Practical components will need to be completed in a work placement
26308  Provide restaurant service in a hospitality establishment  L3 C20