University of Canterbury

 University of Canterbury Click below for further info and list of papers available. If you are interested see Ms Caseley in Careers. 

You need to have an Excellent Endorsement at L2 to do these University papers

Why become a STAR student? STAR at UC offers keen and capable secondary school students:     

 • a stimulating challenge while they are studying towards University Entrance
 • an opportunity to make a head start on their tertiary degree study 
• the confidence that they have what it takes to succeed in tertiary study.

What can STAR students study by distance at UC? We offer a wide range of courses across these areas:  

 • Economics 

• Education 

• Humanities 

• Languages 

• Mathematics

 • Social Sciences

 • Sport Coaching

What does a STAR course involve? Workload expectations As a general guide, a 15-point course at UC should equate to a workload of about 150 hours. If the course is run over one semester (as opposed to whole-year courses), this is a workload of just over 8 hours a week on average, which will include the time spent on tutorials, reading the online course materials and working on assignments.

Wendy Caseley,
20 Feb 2018, 15:10